Curriculum Vitae

Name Candra Fajri Ananda
Place and date of birth Lumajang, October 29th 1964
Address (Office) Faculty of Economics – Brawijaya University

Jl. M.T. Haryono 165 Malang – East Java – Indonesia

0341-551396, Fax: 0341 – 553834

Address (Home) Jl. Diponegoro III/14 Batu 65314, 0341 – 591383
Pangkat dan Golongan Guru Besar/IVd

Personal Web or

Instagram Candra.fajri.ananda


  1. Bachelor in Economics (S1) from Department of Economics and Development Study Faculty of Economics, Brawijaya University, 1988.

Thesis:     Analysis of high costs Production in Sugar Industry in Indonesia 

  1. Master Degree (MSc.) from Institute of Rural Development, University of Göttingen, Germany, 1994.

Thesis:   The interregional Income Disparity in East Java, the Role of INPRES to Reduce the disparity (Interregionale Einkommensdisparitäten in Ost Java, Die Rolle der INPRES zur Reduzierung der Disparitäten)

  1. Doctor Degree (DR) from Institute of Rural Development University of Göttingen, Germany, June 1998.

Dissertation:   Agricultural Linkages to Up- and Downstream Enterprises in South Kalimantan Indonesia.


Participation in Courses

  1. Local Government Budgeting course (Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA, August 2002)
  2. Fiscal Decentralization in Transitional Economies (Summer course in Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA, August 2001)
  3. Risk Management for banking level 1, BSMR (Badan Sertifikasi Management Risiko), Surabaya, February 24, 2018
  4. Risk Management for banking level 2, BSMR (Badan Sertifikasi Management Risiko), Surabaya, March 13, 2018


Position at Present and Past

  1. Staf Khusus Menteri Keuangan Republik Indonesia, sejak Januari 2020
  2. Member of BSBI (Supervisory board of Indonesia Central Bank), 2017-Maret 2020
  3. Independent Commissioner of Bank Jatim, 2018-2022
  4. TADF – MoF member, 2009-2014 and Ekonom Kementrian Keuangan (2015 and 2016)
  5. Dean of Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya (june 2013 – may 2017)
  6. FGD member drafting on Central Bank Law (RUU BI), 2015 dan 2016
  7. National Committee Board (Dewan Pengurus Nasional) AFEBI (Indonesian Faculty of Economics and Business Association), 2015-2017
  8. Vice President of Abest21 (accreditation institution) in Tokyo (2015-2017); (2017-2019)
  9. Head of Dean Forum UB, 2013-2017
  10. Member of Focus Group Discussion on Regional Development of Indonesian Economist Association (ISEI Pusat), 2015- 2018
  11. Head of Indonesian Economist Association – ISEI Malang (2016-2019)
  12. Short-term consultant GIZ (2015) for “designing payment system in Indonesia” and “user charges basic principle” (2014)
  13. Short Term Consultant AIPD as Senior Policy Advisor in East Java Province, August – December 2012)
  14. Head of Doctoral Program at Post Graduate Program, University Brawijaya (2007- 2013);
  15. International Cooperation, Euoropean Section of Brawijaya University (2008- 2012);
  16. Short Term Consultant of AUSaid as Senior Economic Advisor (November 2011 – May 2012)
  17. Short Term Consultant of DSF – ADB in Supporting Fiscal Decentralization Policy (Januari 2010 – Desember 2010);
  18. Member of Expert Board in Economic and Finance Section of East Java province (2007-September 2009);
  19. External reviewer for World Development Report 2009, World Bank;
  20. East Java Province regional Planning Board supervisor from (2003-now)
  21. Provincial Government Consultant as team leader on “Strategic Infrastructure of Development Reform Program” in the Province of East Java (August 2002 -2004)
  22. World Bank consultant in Private Sector Development in Post Conflict Area (2003-March 2004)


International Experiences (courses, seminars, and lecturing) last 3 years  

  1. Presenting “Regulating Financial Technology in Indonesia”, IISES, Barcelona Spain, October 2019.
  2. Presenting “The Influence of Tobacco Regulation to Tobacco Industry Sustainability”, IISES, Barcelona, October 2019
  3. Presenting “Determinant of Income Inequality in Indonesia, Case of Study in Indonesia, 2011 – 2016”, Vienna, 2018
  4. Presenting on “Outlook and Financial System Stability Challenges 2018”, Bank Indonesia, Malang, 11 December 2018
  5. Presenting on “Macroprudential Stability in Supporting Financial System Stabilization”, Central Bank Jakarta, 22 August, 2016
  6. Presenting on Provincial Budget 2016, critics and improvement, EJ Province (January 2016)
  7. Presenting on review of Indonesian Economy in 2015, East Java province (December 2015)
  8. Presenting on “Implementation of basic principle of user charges”, in Bukittinggi and Bandung, MoF–GIZ, February 2014
  9. Presenting on “the principals of user charges in Local Economic Development”, MoF-GIZ, November 2013
  10. Presenting on “Fiscal Decentralization Policy: Challenges and prospect”, GRIPS (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies), Tokyo, 27-28 March, 2013
  11. Presenting on challenges to collect property taxes: International perspective (India and Philippine), International seminar MoF, ITC, GIZ and AUSaid, Jakarta, November 27 – 28, 2012
  12. Presenting on proliferation experiences in Indonesia: economic and social aspects, Jakarta, 13-14 September 2011
  13. Presenting on The 1st International Symposium of Environmental Leader, at Tohoku University, Faculty of Environment, Sendai, 2011;
  14. Participating course on Tracer Study at Kassel University, Germany, October 2010;
  15. Presenting on Business opportunities in East Java Province, Shen Zen and Hongkong, 2009;
  16. Visiting lecture at Human Security Program of Tohoku Unversity, Sendai, Japan, 2005;


Experiences as Speaker  :

  1. Syita Talks “Pandemi: Peran Daerah Jadi Kunci”, Live Instagram (9 Juli 2020)
  2. Seminar Nasional Ekonomi Pembangunan ke-3 “Tantangan Ekonomi Nasional di Era New Normal”, Universitas Pembangunan Nasional (19 Agustus 2020)
  3. Webinar Strategi Kebangkitan Ekonomi dalam Era Tata Kehidupan Baru (New Normal) “Strategi Pemulihan Ekonomi Indonesia”, Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang (7 September 2020)
  4. Web Seminar “Peran Penjaminan Syariah dalam Percepatan Pemulihan Ekonomi Nasional”, Infobank (17 September 2020)
  5. Orientasi Pendidikan dan Kemahasiswaan Universitas Brawijaya Program Studi di Luar Kampus Utama Jakarta “Pemulihan Ekonomi Nasional di Era Pandemi: Tantangan dan Strategi”, Universitas Brawijaya (26 September 2020)
  6. Rakor Kawasan Industri dan Asosiasi Industri dan Asosiasi Industri Seri 2 Bakorwil Malang dan Jember “Kebijakan dan Strategi Peningkatan Ekonomi di Jawa Timur pada Era New Normal”, Disperindag (30 September 2020)
  7. Seminar Nasional Akuntansi, Manajemen, dan Keuangan V “Pola Pikir Eksploratif di Tengah Pandemi”, Politeknik Negeri Malang (6 Oktober 2020)


Research and Publication last 3 years (indexed)

  1. Kurniawan, Dodo, Candra Fajri Ananda, Putu Mahardika Adi S, Khusaini, 2020: Analysis of Supply Chain in Corn Commodities in Dompu District, West Nusa Tenggara Province, International Journal of Supply Chain Management (IJSCM), Volume 9, Number 5, 2051-3771
  2. Susilowati, Lina, Candra Fajri Ananda, Khusnul Ashar, Susilo, 2020, Labour Productivity In Micro And Small Industries (Research On Leather Craftsmen In Magetan Regency), International Journal for Quality Research 14(1) 111–128
  3. Oktasari, Nova Dewi, Candra Fajri Ananda, dan Sasongko, 2020: An Analysis of Development Inequality and Economic Growth against Poverty in Papua Province in 2010-2018, 23rd Asian Forum of Business Education (AFBE 2019), Advances in Economics, Business and Management Research, volume 144, Atlantis Press
  4. Ananda, C.F., Pulungan, A.M., 2019: Determinant of Income Inequality in Indonesia, Study Case 33 Provinces 2011 – 2016, 23 September 2019, IISES International Academic Conference, Barcelona, proceeding
  5. Ananda, C.F., Pulungan, A.M., 2018: Rural Fund and Rural Development, Principal Agent Theory, 23 September 2019, IISES International Academic Conference, Barcelona, proceeding
  6. Rorong, I. P.F., Ananda, C.F., Susilo, Wahyudi, S. T. 2018: Benefit Incidence Analysis of Education sector in divided region of North Sulawesi (forthcoming)
  7. Soemiarsono, B., Ananda, C.F., Khusaini, M., Susilo, 2018: Revenue Sharing Reformulation in Indonesia taxation-Resolving vertical fiscal in-equality, RJOAS, Russian Journal of Agricultural and Socio-economic Sciences, Vol 3, Issue 75
  8. Nafik, U.H., Ananda, C.F., Pudjiharjo, Khusaini, M., 2018: The happiness index as a new and complementary measurement of development as applied to each province of Indonesia, International Journal of Economics and financial issues, Vol. 8. Issue 4
  9. Marwan j., Moeljadi., Ananda, C. F., Djazuli, A. 2017: The perspective of the agency theory in budget preparation of local government and its implementation on budget performance and financial decentralization to realize performance of local government of regencies and cities in Banten province, Russian Journal of agricultural and social – economic issues, Vol.2, issue 622
  10. Ya’qud, A. G., Ananda, C. F., Susilo, Setyo. T., W. 2017: The local government Budget (APBD) and Its Inefficiency in the city of Malang, Indonesia, IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social science, Vol 2, Issue 3, Ver. IV
  11. Hendra, K. KH., Surachman, Ananda, C.F., RofIaty, 2017: Effect of Participation and job relevant Information in Budget Preparation on Performance with Governance quality as a moderation variable, International Journal of applied Business and Economic Research, Vol 15, Number 22 (Part III)
  12. Moeljadi, M, Ananda, C. F., Munawar I., Ahmad, E. Y., 2016: Study on empirical characteristic of rural bank sustainability in Indonesia, International Journal of Monetary and Finance, Vol. 9, No. 4, 2016
  13. Ananda, C. F.; Fazaalloh A.M., Hidayati, B., Soewardi, T.J., 2016: Economic Growth and inter-regional disparity: an economic policy debate, Pertanika Journal, JSSH, Volume 24 (S), May
  14. Wiguna, Atu Bagus; Ananda, C. F., Susilo, 2015: Model of Social Entrepreneurship and Socio-entrepreneurship: a replica of reality, vol. 211 pages 27-33, Procedia Social and Behavioral science Journal
  15. Soewardi, T., J., Ananda, C. A., 2015: The transformation of bea acquisition of land and building: Case study in Kediri- East Java. Vol. 211 (pp. 1179-1185), Procedia Social and Behavioral science Journal



  1. Ananda, Candra Fajri; 2020: Ragam Wajah Pembangunan Ekonomi, Inteligensia Media, Malang
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  5. Ananda, Candra Fajri; Christian Von Haldenwang, 2013: Basic principles and objectives of regional user charges, GIZ, Jakarta


Link download CV PDF : CV Candra Fajri Ananda